Humane Wildlife Removal in Chicago

humane raccoon removal
There are plenty of humane ways to remove wildlife if they become a nuisance. Humane wildlife removal is especially needed in Chicago.

One of these types of wildlife that humane wildlife removal applies to is raccoons. Raccoons can be found in one’s attic, garbage cans, pet food, bird feeders, chimney, walls, window well, dumpster, swimming pool, or under one’s house, shed, or porch.

Humane Chicago raccoon removal involves the following steps:

  • First, to humanely remove raccoon from an attic, you must inspect the house’s exterior, find a raccoon entry hole, climb into the attic space to intimidate any raccoons there so they move out or spread raccoon eviction fluid if that does not work, or put on bright lights and loud radio in the attic for a week, and then decide when you would want the raccoon out if that still doesn’t work. When you want them out, you must remove the raccoons by hand and then seal shut the entry hole and all vulnerable areas and then clean any droppings and disinfect the attic.
  • humane wildlife removalSecondly, to humanely remove a raccoon from a garbage can, pet food, or bird feeder, you must keep raccoons away. To keep raccoons away, you must keep garbage cans indoors or drill holes onto the can and lid and then strap the lid on tight with bungee cords, install a squirrel baffle into your bird feeder or temporarily leave the feeder empty to keep raccoons away from your feeder, and bring pet food inside to keep raccoons away from it.
  • Thirdly, to humanely remove a raccoon from a wall, dumpster, chimney, or window well, you must do the same as you would for the attic in the case of a wall, except that you must access them by drilling a hole and installing eviction fluid, following same instructions for a wall as for removing raccoons from a chimney, inserting a 2×4 plank of wood or thick branch in the dumpster if they are stuck in a dumpster, and doing the same in the case of a window wall as in the case of a dumpster.

Also, if raccoons defecate in one’s swimming pool, one must install a board with nails pointing upward on first step or install unstable chicken wire over first step, as that is where they gain access. On a final note, if raccoons get stuck inside a room, one must open all doors to let the raccoon out.