Best trip for backpacker : Cheap hotels, flights on offer, and other tracks to see much of the world

Hotel Trivago offers search engines just issued Trivago Best Value City Index, a table of cities in the world, booked by continent, with the best accommodation offer for value for money. To make this arrangement take into account two parameters: their hotel reputation in social networks and this average price.

I acknowledge that I am not interested in this type of report, but in this case I use it as a hanger, merging it with a different one recently, like Hostels Hostelworld or meta search engine for Kayak offerings or Skyscanner, to record posts about affordable destinations and cheap flights to all backpacker. In addition, airlines are announcing their sales campaigns today.
The cheapest city

Based on the explanation of this research, are the Balkans and East cities, a number of unknowns, which have the best value for hotel money in Europe. The first position is Móstar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), trailed by Novi Sad (Serbia) and Veliko Tárnovo (Bulgaria), with an evaluation of more than 97 points over a hundred and an average price of between 36 and 43 euros per night. Below, ranking of destinations by continent:

1. Europe

2. Asia

3. Africa

4. North and Central America

5. South America

6. Oceania

Based on information from Hostelworld, a reservation center that groups 33,000 youth hostels (Hostels) in more than 170 countries (90% of users under 35), Spain is the preferred destination for backpackers, trailed by Italy, Thailand, United Kingdom United States, United States, Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands and Vietnam. As a destination present for 2017, it often times matches your data, highlight the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Cook Islands (New Zealand), Madagascar, Ukraine, Nepal, Iceland and Kazakhstan.

Kayak search engine, on the other hand, has compiled the arrangement of cities with economic accommodation that the least requested by the Spaniards on their way abroad. The winner is Berlin, with a hotel equivalent to 39 euros per night; which is highly sought after, London, although the cheapest rooms obtained at Kayak are not down from 52 euros per night.

Flights are discounted


Ethiopian Airlines has just been added to the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet, with three flights a week between Madrid and Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, at the most attractive price: from 469 euros along the way with connections to Africa Destinations like Zanzibar (558 euros) Nairobi (458 euro) or Cape Town (479 euro). Borobudur and Prambanan (Java) temples, ancient tribes like Mentawai Siberut or Toraja from Sulawesi, volcanoes like Bromo or Merapi and unique species like Komodo dragons awaiting travelers to travel through the Indonesian archipelago. Etihad flew to Jakarta, the capital of the country on the island of Java, equivalent to 490 euros, went back. Qatar Airways has introduced a Travel Festival sales campaign, offering to fly to cities in Asia, Africa and Oceania Kuala Lumpur (from 469 euros round trip), Bangkok (from 509 euros), Auckland (from 949 euros, return journey) or Sydney (from 839 euros). Booking until January 16th to travel until the end of the year. Departures from Madrid and Barcelona. Iberia introduces a new edition of the Belt sales campaign, to make purchases up to January 23 through June 2017 traveling to destinations like Shanghai from 539 euro round trip. He has just released his new Premium Tourist room, with a little more space between chairs, seats that can be fixed and rates from 899 euros, back away. From April 6, its Iberia Express subsidiary will offer direct flights between Madrid and Cardiff, the Welsh capital, with two weekly flights on Thursdays and Sundays, and a price of 93 euros along the way. In addition to its new Parliament, designed by Richard Rogers, a lively castle and nightlife, Cardiff can be useful as a gateway to a natural area like the Brecon Beacons, over 1,200 square kilometers of moorland and jungle with walking trails or Air India bikes starting on the moon December is the first direct flight between Spain and India (New Delhi), with embarkation on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Madrid and a rate of 488 euros in Economy Class and from 1.558 euros in business classrooms (round trip, belong to tax). The price includes up to two free flights from Delhi to seven cities in India (Bombay, Chennai, Cochin, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Amritsar). Ryanair introduced in late March, two routes to Italy: a new direct flight between Barcelona and Naples, with prices starting at 50 euros round trip, and two weekly embarkation between Madrid and Lamecia Terme, in the Calabria district (from 64 euros, return trip). Norway is already among the best options to fly to the Nordic capital with direct flights to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik and Oslo from 89 euros round trip, departing from Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. Starting in June, he will fly from Barcelona to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Miami from 451 euros, back away. Wow Air flies to Reykjavik (Iceland) from Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Gran Canaria, and Tenerife, with fares starting at 150 euros, returning away. This route can be used to travel to San Francisco (USA), with a stopover (two or more days without the additional cost, almost like a second holiday) in Iceland, for 779 euros round trip.


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