Tips and tricks to travel around Europe in a backpacker style

I traveled through 23 countries and 119 cities in Europe in one year. No, I’m not a multi-millionaire; I am not traveling sponsored by my parents or my family, I do not create myself to infinity and I do not have the luck to win the lottery.


One day, simply, I concluded that I was about to travel for about 12 months in a row without any academic activity or necessity that sailed my way. One day, just like that, I concluded that he would give me a long holiday to work on a good world journey. I give up work. I added all my enthusiasm and not a lot of savings. No more than that. My exciting journey for a year in Europe, understanding all the locations I visited in depth, was possible because in not least my aspect of travel was a fighter, as cheap as possible. And that is not why it is not good or not quite beautiful.

Once the decision is made, and after understanding how long your journey will last, make a first basic schedule, that is flexible, because the more flexible your plan, the less you spend on the road. It can happen, for example, if you plan to travel from Barcelona to Marseille in 6 days and you want to see how the train or plane ticket today, get one half price to leave tomorrow.

In this basic planning it is also important to remember that there are not many cities far cheaper than others. Paris, London, Stockholm and Geneva defied the pockets. A number of similar networks would cost four times more in Paris than in Budapest, for example. Then there are the touristy towns in some areas and seasons can be banned by the expensive ones (Roma and Barcelona, ​​for example). With Berlin something surprising happened and that although the capital of European economic power, is one of the cheapest cities in Germany (and also very full of magic, it must be said).

Eastern European countries are much cheaper than others: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia are the most friendly with the pockets of tourists. And also the Balkan countries: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo. The exception is Croatia, among the very touristy and expensive countries on this continent at this time and, to a lesser extent, Slovenia.

Sometimes, I can afford my backpacking with the money I won from when playing some card like baccarat and so of.

Sleep cheaply and get friends

If we really want to travel cheaply you should keep, yes or yes, in accommodation. During my trip, if I had no friends or acquaintances in the city I was visiting, I would settle in a dormitory. It’s the cheapest, very safe, the easiest and sometimes the most fun. A great way to make friends. In youth hostels, as they are known in many countries in the Old Continent, unless you do more and actually offer individual rooms – because they do not happen in all the trouble – you often sleep in a shared room. The cheapest are those with fewer rest areas and mixed sleep locations. Very cheap to the point that at night can be worth only 6 euros.

You’ll have a snoring friend, a different one that creates noise at 4 am because they leave for the airport or land at the party, but that’s what’s used for earplugs. Nothing too serious to ruin our journey and everything is part of the adventure. Do not phobia sleep with strangers. All in the same plan: they are travelers and travelers – that’s what I think – you do not harm yourself. None of the nearly 80 hostels I used during my year-long tour of Europe, I felt a security problem, did not miss anything, not even a string. Of course, hostels also have lockers if they do not offer the service, buffering themselves from booking this location-where good laptop meters, cameras, passports, valuable merchandise join us along the way. It has its own key. And ready. The rest of the luggage that I often leave outside, beside the bed, and they never kidnap anything from me. Experience that teaches to believe in others. For choosing a good, nice and cheap hostel list -a place for a cheap price, but out of town and we save on that side then you will lose transport and time-if we have air conditioning or heating and that includes breakfast, which is often very good. And some of them have restaurants that sell lunch and eat for a reasonable price, if it is to make a purchase of food to create your own in a communal kitchen dormitory will not be with us or merely give laziness. You can also create couchsurfing (do nothing, just get to someone’s location offering an extra sofa, mattress or sleeping location as an element of the community in all the tourist world) and charter an apartment for Airbnb, even if it’s a good business if you travel in groups, to share costs. If we travel alone, we should never think about it, we will not keep a peso.

To fly cheap is said


It’s time to undermine the myth: it is not true that the best times to buy air tickets over the Internet – because most of today is gained by the technique – is midnight Tuesday. It is true that the best days for air travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while weekends and seasons like Christmas, New Year and Easter are often very expensive. Actually, making a ticket purchase on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays would be cheap or expensive depending on the specific flight demand. If one or three months before there are a number of people interested in the exclusive journey, we will pursue real deals, I assure you. In any matter, in order to get cheap air tickets, travelers have some great allies:

Time: it is not always possible to understand well in advance if we are going to a certain location, but if it is on our side, the prize will be greatest. Ideally, say those who are very knowledgeable, is to buy a plane ticket at least two months earlier.

Flexibility: again, not infrequently it may be flexible with our travel dates, but if we could buy the luxury it was almost certain that we would get a ticket that was cheaper than we thought.

Flight search engine and comparison: see that at the very least the person who goes to the physical office of a travel agent to make a ticket purchase, the best tool for travelers is the search engine and flight comparison over the Internet. I’ve been an awakening on Skyscanner and Kayak, but there’s not a bit more: Liligo, Momondo, Orbitz, eDreams and so on. The good thing about these tools is that with a single search we find results for the majority of airlines flying to our destinations, with all possible dates and prices. It does not merely give us the one and the most extensive proposals about the companies that land there, but the cost. In addition to planting your home town and destination, and intensifying flexibility options in flight, I recommend marking amongst the nearby airports. Although not too excited. Sometimes the cheap ones are expensive. For Venice-Paris flights, for example, I pursue that the cheapest option is to go to Ryanair (low fare airline) to Beauvais Airport. I save for 150 euros, but Beauvais, a small detail, for 80 kilometers northwest of the capital of France and taxi is the only transportation option when I land, the times and funds that should have secured me, They are going to go that route. It’s not worth it. I did a little more, but I arrived in Paris (Orly airport) and from there the choice to get to my location apartment will be resident some: bus, train and metro.

Direct to the airline: once we have a proposal about the company that goes to our destinations and those who offer what is very close to what we want, it is best to land directly and endlessly on the airline’s website to work on buy Without intermediaries live often more simple and cheaper, that is my theory. And although it is not always saved with the technique, there are fewer cases where we do bingo like this. Especially if this is about direct flights. The bottom line is that search engines and comparisers almost never throw all the options and live solely on a very important and recognized airline. Therefore, the first business is to find the airport web page of the destination city for the arrangement of all airlines arriving there to see if we are pursuing the one we do not have on the radar and we can have different options.

Low cost: the second is to think about low fares or low cost airlines, because almost everyone knows them. If someone lands on our destination – or near – it is probably the best option to fly. In Europe there are Norway, AirBerlin, Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet and Vueling, taking only a few examples. Also look at traditional ‘cheap’ airlines, as I say. Iberia Express is one of them and, to me, of the best options available to fly in Europe today, with trips that go from 20 euros with suitcases belonging to the hold.

Select a transport device


The great dividend that Europe has over the other continents is that it is almost all concentrated in some small districts and goes from one city to another and from one country to another is very reasonable and simple, with any transportation technique. Something unthinkable in Latin America. In Europe, the very expensive often travel by train and boat, and the cheapest is to do it by bus. Each country has dozens of bus companies, of all groups and prices. For traveling by bus passing through countries in the eastern elements of the continent I recommend the Student Agency (Czech company), which has incredible prices. The best thing is that there are buses that can be equally comfortable with trains or airplanes, and it is also possible to appreciate the scenery. Between the Czech Republic and Austria, for example, or to go from Austria to Germany, I boarded a bus with an entertainment system and a custom display behind each chair, host and hostesses, delicious food distributed newspapers and magazines and WiFi services for those who are not can conclude during the trip. To save more, make the long journey at night, avoid extra night accomodations.

However, when there are not a few airlines that offer real deals for the same things we pay to go by bus or sometimes even less. So always check those points before making your ticket purchase. A very cost-effective way to cross Europe is “pay for picking up fingers.” But, it pays a little, quiet. There are a number of companies that allow it, but the best and most reliable, for me, is Blablacar, a French company. The dynamics are simple. If I travel from Brussels to Amsterdam, for example, I go to the yard and I place my hometown and city of destination, date and time I prefer to travel. All the driver options that have been planned for the same trip at that time will be shown and I should contact between them to have space in my car. Ready All drivers and passengers must comply with a set of requirements to register, which makes the system somewhat secure. This is a win-win wherever we see it. The driver adds what is more or less quite commensurate with tolls and gasoline, broken down by the number of passengers and what fees are not infrequently times much cheaper than what is worth of train tickets and equal to or cheaper than what is worth one from the bus to the destination the same one. There is also the fact that the trip is straightforward, not all public transport stops, and if you want to – because it is not uncommon to be an option to throw a nap you can meet people and chat tastily around the tour. In addition, this is a more responsible way of consumption. More fewer cars, less CO2 emissions, less pollution for our planet.

The first time I wore Blablacar I went from Paris to Rouen, train tickets cost more than 50 euros and there were no buses to work on that route. Well, to get into the car Philippe I accomplish 18 euros, plus 1.60 euros when I order the application. Cheaper, impossible. Another option is to buy Eurail Pass, train-traveling tickets through one or more countries in Europe. But check if it suits our plan and you must because their business (called InterRail Pass if you are a resident of a European country) charged 460-1,600 euros for through which allows unlimited train travel for a number of days (starts in five and finishes in nine) not a few times a streak or meet in a certain period (one month, almost always). The question is that in order to really find the juice and not to do more, because the Eurrail Pass almost always spend one day or two in each city. In order not to do more, you must run a marathon where you are not all about to register.

Some lujitos


There are two most expensive affairs in Europe: eating in restaurants and stepping on museums. To avoid the little drain we have in the beginning, prepare the majority of our food in the hostel kitchen that we go to or make a delicious sandwich and add some fruit and some potatoes to eat in the garden. The luxury of stepping on restaurants in Europe should be handed over – preferably favored by locals and not by tourists.


The party


As for the party, the majority of hostels in Europe organize the most inexpensive and exciting work that runs in one night three or four bars, with different travelers staying. Ask, too, about the places where people who live in their towns come to. You will have fun, you will learn not a bit about the location and its inhabitants, you will know their predominance and, of course, we will do less. And I leave fear. Fear and travel are not appropriate. Out there the world is no safer and more difficult than here. In fact, sometimes more solid and beautiful. Less gray, more colorful.

Sleep soundly with not much money

Many hostels are grouped by association or network. The best is:

Hostelling International (this is the biggest and if you join you will have priority to order and you find a discount each time you landed at the hostel from the chain): Hostels Famous Europe:

The Balkan Backpacker: HostelWorld ( does not charge commissions, this is a very complete one.

Other hostel portals: and

Collaborative accommodation at:

Rent a residence or apartment at:

Moves with a number of euros

Download GoEuro software ( to match train, bus and plane ticket prices from one city to another. From there you can buy it, in not a few cases.

For traveling on a shared car with other travelers:

For traveling by bus: and

The most comprehensive directory of low cost airlines:

To make a plane ticket purchase

Ticket search engine: – Low fares airline:

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