The main types of tourists. Who and why travel the world?

First, let’s define who the tourists are? A tourist is a person who travels away from a residence for vacation, business or other destinations for more than a day, but not more than once a year. Based on different travel needs and propositions, travelers are broken down into the following groups:

Tourists extreme / tourist Adventure: This is a tourist who travels to explore something unusual. They want to visit adventure jobs that may even be dangerous, like rock climbing, rafting, parachuting, swimming with sharks, diving in the underwater cave, etc.

Eco-tourist: They are nature lovers who want to visit places where your planet remains untouched by civilization. They travel the world to explore eco-friendly places, unaffected pollution or other human interventions.

Business travelers: They are the ones who travel on tours related to their business. Business tourism is part of the business world. Most major cities have conference centers that serve the needs of business travelers. Actually for example a businessman, a peddler who travels to many places to attend exhibitions and presentations, which also showcased their own products.

Tourist Culture: This type of traveler travels to experience the essence of different habits. These travelers visit cultural festivals, national parks, museums, art galleries.

Tourists: Travelers who travel to other countries and cities to gain new knowledge, or add to the current level of education. They also include a group of people who travel to take part in a seminar on staff development.

Tourists: They travel to relax comfortably from the routine of life. These tourists want to relax on the beach around the holidays.

Religious tourists: This type of tourist travels to religious places. The world is filled with as many shrines for so many religions. The sanctuaries include: Valaam in Karelia, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Solovetsky Monastery at Bolshoi Solovetsky Island in the White Sea, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Luxor Temple in Egypt (in the southern elementary section of Thebes, near the sophisticated city of Luxor), Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh – Gaya (Bihar), Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi (Greece), St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City (Italy), Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (Turkey), Las Lajas Sanctuary of Colombia, Borobudur Temple in Java (Indonesia), Kaaba in the city of Mecca (Saudi Arabia), Temple Ta Prum in mbdzha.

Given by all travelers: They are some lucky find turputevku awards from his company for good performance or achievement of destinations decided by the company.

Medical tourists: People who dig special care, which may be just away from home. Some of these tourists are medical care in other countries, because the fact that it is cheaper than in their own country. The other medical tourists are traveling solely for a few days in a healthier climate.

Sports Tourists: This tourist travels to pick up an active part in a sporting event or merely watching.

Young tourists: This group of travelers belongs to young people who travel with luggage at least and with limited estimates. They often do not have exclusive travel schedules and often travel alone.

Hobbies: This is a tourist who feels a certain passion in so many things. For example, traveling with the purpose of researching birds and nature in general, scooping up certain fish, buying unique items at auction, etc.

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