The backpacker profile : 10 orders from a wise backpacker

The backpacker profile is a traveler or young traveler, with low estimates, large backpacks or small suitcases and a willingness to have fun. His Bible is the Lonely Planet guide, which reads with the motivation and devotion of a good believer.

This is not a group-like species, because it does not move a bit in couples, although at dusk they often arrange small herds in feeders and hotels recommended by guides. Although calm, some specimens of this species can become aggressive if they are called tourists. periods of liberal professionalism and may be to wade Africa from one end to another, or Young stopping to see the world and the greatest imagination for a cheap and feast of four: a very radical version, a holiday or an Overlander, at least two known subspecies difficult. The classic destinations are places like Hikkaduwa (Sri Lanka), Kovalam (India), Sapa (Vietnam), Koh Tao (Thailand), Van Vieng (Laos), Kathmandu (Nepal), Aguascalientes (Peru) or Jericoacoara (Brazil) Their whole is marked by such a clear and global footprint (pizza, cafes, inns, beach parties, bars …) that leave an indelible imprint as Homo mochilerus. Some have evolved into City Breakers, whose specimens move quickly past the airport with a small suitcase. Urban customs, your favorite forest is asphalt. Our road map is marked by Low Cost flight; They are also known as Hipsters.

10 orders from a wise backpacker

1.- we will not go barefoot in heaven

Walking without shoes through the sand is fun in places like Maldives, Seychelles or Fuerteventura. Unfortunately, the remains of broken cans or bottles can sometimes be (fucking) to very pure places. And then there’s a pebble; Maybe there is only one kilometer of fine sand and white like flour. Murphy’s law says you’ll step on it.

2.- we will not work the journey of solidarity without telling us before

Going as a supportive and respectable tourist should be praised; Volunteers in wildlife restoration projects, great, to understand that some of the shares we pay for your trip will help foster schools in Africa will create you feel not guilty enough for not hiding a plate at dinner. But do we really know what money to use?

3.- we will not get in the way

Do the volunteers work with your plans for a vacation, free or over-paying, really useful or obstacles? I met someone who spent two weeks rolling tobacco leaves at a cigarette factory in Havana, on a journey of solidarity with the Cuban people used by the Castro government as propaganda (oh, all the ignorant idealists …). Untrue cigars are exported to the United States, I think (this is a joke). With vitola and everything.

4.- we will not drive motorcycles in countries without traffic conditions

Feeling the wind on our faces while driving a motorcycle without a helmet, like Mickey Rourke at Francis Ford Coppola The Rumble Fish (1983), probably looks the coolest. Riding a rented motorcycle in countries like Indonesia or India can be frivolous.

5.- we will not do an auto stop in Africa

In countries like Cameroon, where automakers stop payments or, as they say in Cuba, “for bottles”, it is not uncommon to drive on either right or left, at highway speeds on two-way streets practiced and elements without visibility. The remains of a dilapidated car in a ditch show that it is not fun. Also, they will not pick you up by the nose, and if there’s a clash to arise, they’ll leave us lying in the middle of the meadow (I know from experience).

6- we will not make a purchase or consume any substance

What in some countries is tolerated or even legal, in a different country can take you to jail, or even worse. For traveling with a number of medications you may need to bring a copy of a prescription or doctor’s report to you.

7.- You will leave a reasonable connection between flight and flight

Especially on the continent, or if you’re traveling with a closed ticket (which does not recognize the change). If we plan to move a lot, consider making an Air-Pass purchase.

8.- we will not insure in vain


Insurance that guarantees your help or repatriation in case of serious illness or accident is important. For certain countries, or if they are going to do work like diving, skiing or mountaineering, a special skill is required. Also, find out about the recommended vaccines or prophylaxis for the location where we will be working on the trip.

9.- we will not unique attention or show off your Smartphone

Establishing an iPhone, camera or sports design ostentation is an invitation to be robbed in places that are not well liked.

10. – we will not talk politics or religion and we will glorify all things

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