Backpackers: Backpackers against mass tourists; And if you are just a tourist who realizes his dream?

I welcome the day Julien will say about the topic of the boys controversy one of the travelers. The conflict between backpackers and mass tourists is a classic debate indeed. What is the best technique to travel? Who is so close to the true meaning of the word journey?


Julien is 29 years old. He is the creator of The Life List project. A graduate from France’s Grande Ecole and project manager in corporate strategy, he chose to devote his life to realizing his dream and a different person with the dreamer’s ambition to create a better world. He is also a writer of the WorldEmotions blog and a number of free ebooks.
The eternal contradiction between backpacker and tourist

It is the opposition that even the highly slandered encyclopaedia of the world (ie Wikipedia 1) does not fail to highlight: that between mass tourists and backpackers (or backpackers for being able to boast about going to Shakespeare’s language, much broader than Molière in the country- countries that are usually visited). This opposition is also considered to be such proportion whereas backpacking is democratization you end up wondering if someone has the right to exist outside the social gathering leads into conflict. Where is my recent travel point of handing over the impression that is a phantom demon and can not pursue the place of one of the rich fat paunches soaking pills in the deckchair and backpacking bum breaks in a 30 person dorm.



Is the backpacker really like he thinks?

Because it is one of the images that can be given to the backpacker. He travels independently for a small fee 2. In other words, he breaks his legs to settle on a crowded bus with people about 18 hours before joining a hostel where he will not be able to take a bath but will feel the comfort of a top floor location tiered bed that the local prison is an emergency apart because of its obsolescence.

There is nothing really unique there. But backpacking is synonymous with purity and will let you know the weight of hostels and couch enthusiasts. We went with the bags behind to learn something, approached the locals and absorbed what they really are 3. This is the person who runs the eponymous (ie backpacker) guide who says the best: “I eat all these habits and all the people who can give more not the least of me 4. The backpacker is a modern-day adventurer.However, the image someone wants to hand over is a backpacker.

Because in reality, at least those who reach the ideal are encouraging to their parents (those who spend less happily on the famous Hippie Trail.The typical sophisticated backpacker has a serious tendency to ‘root in the enclave where he and Other backpackers meet to discuss the ideology and philosophy of backpacking

The discovery of Cairns, Queesland (to manifest among the dreams referenced in my Life Collection: flying over the Great Barrier Reef), to me is the revelation of this phenomenon. Sometimes, all backpackers come out of the enclave to practice so many activities (trekking because it’s cool and cost-free, but diving, white water rafting or organized meetings with local tribes). Whether traveling alone or in a duo, he is hopelessly looking for a company of like-minded people he knows to be in these pockets, whether urban (Bangkok, Sydney) or rural (Pangan, Ubud).

Is there a better technique to travel?


It is also unique to be copied that in a representative sample, the main spirit of tourists is at the same time as all backpackers: finding other habits, experiencing new experiences, relaxing or learning. Although backpackers plant a strong emphasis on their willingness to live locally, the jobs they train locally are very similar to those implemented by tourists. (The global nomad: the motive and behavior of independent travelers in all the world, Greg Richards and Julie Wilson Finally, the sophisticated backpacker is not so far from the classic tourist that he rejects, however, body and soul.Journey has nothing to do with the technique he imagines it.

In this setting, Greg Richards and Julie Wilson show that travelers of all ages want to want to break away from the two groups we mentioned earlier. Cases when a person moves from a country where life is cheaper (for Western Europe or Canada for example) or when conditions of tranquility become uncertain (in Africa or in certain countries of South America) Travelers in this region typically do not like to be categorized as backpackers or tourist bulk!

It seems clear to me that the purely theoretical friction between Backpacker and the tourists should no longer create a gap in the communication between the person of both sets and such rejection of what others do. I took for example the familiar guide of the backpacker who never stopped insinuating that the hotel soon after exceeding 2 stars lost “local charm” and became “a mass tourism center without any links.” with local customs. “Travel is just a matter of motivation, and comfort can be one.No rest with 6 Australians on the verge of ethyl coma to be in harmony with Vietnamese customs.I voluntarily enlarge the line.

A journey similar to yours

It is likely that some travelers explore the risks, adventures, that different people prefer the unknown and invasion into new habits, or relaxation and well-being. We all have dominant, influential which is not fixed in time. I want to be an element of the first group, which does not prevent me from overflowing on the other two. The real question to ask yourself, instead of constantly degrading those who have opposing powers from you, is “do I really feel the best of what I want to live”. In other words, “I’m really an adventurer or it’s just a picture I give myself.”

I made the mistake of identifying myself with all the backpackers because I wanted their daily life when they described it, in order to finally catch a group of people who ran after the adventure without ever actually finding it (do not look at it generalizations, these words are purely individual and connected to my meetings) . I realized today that my beloved adventure is not on the way, with fashionable, culinary or ideological techniques. I am not a tourist or a backpacker. No, the adventure I am looking for is deep within me, because what we are looking for is a journey deep within you. We are all travelers who explore the experience that creates us vibrate, nothing more.

The only important thing is the experience I want to live before I die, the places I want to see, the things that will make me happy. That’s why I make the arrangement of all the things I want to do before the end of my life. He’s the one who guided my adventure and not mine for this or that collection.

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